Tuesday, May 19, 2009

six years old

This weekend was Stella's 6th birthday party. She had about 18 friends from her Chinese Immersion school at Club Just Jump (filled with giant inflatables-big enough for the parents to go on). They were so cute singing happy birthday. I am on a kick now making molded candies. They are so fun and quick to do. I made stars for her cupcakes because "stella" means "star".

I also whipped together a crown for her out of some random bits of paper scrap from Amy Butler and some sparkly letters. I made one last year with hundreds of poofs of colored tissue paper on a giant cone shaped hat. I will upload a photo some day.

She also had her school carnival, of course facepaint was a must have! I was home with the boys, but dad got to witness Stella dunk her school nutrition lady in the water tank on her first throw. I wish I had seen that. All the kids were chanting "Dunk Sandy. Dunk Sandy" and Stella totally got her. wow!

Gavin got to bring a friend to the party, Mister Dax. They are both sporting my tie shirts. I can't wait to see what these two cook up in 10 years. Yikers! Mama watch out.

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