Saturday, May 2, 2009

crewcuts from jcrew

Sasha and Malia Obama looked adorable this morning at Barack's inauguration. Michelle wore a designer dress and coat by Isabel Toledo, but 7-year-old Sasha and 10-year-old Malia were more modest in Crewcuts by J.Crew, the brand's kids' line (though Michelle's green gloves were also by J.Crew).

A press release from J.Crew boasts: Malia featured a deep periwinkle blue coat, while her equally chic sister wore a deep coral dress under her sweet guava coat, vivid orange scarf and glove set, each tied with a velvet ribbon belt around the waist.

Ah yes, the fashion vocabulary used to describe the grown-up set has trickled down to those of single-digit age. We can't wait for the self-congratulatory press release from whoever designed their Inaugural gowns. "The fabulous Sasha, 7, and elegant Malia, 10, STUN in elegant [Insert Designer Name Here]." Just feels off.

thoughts from me:
I am hoping that all the press around the Obama girls drives traffic to crewcuts and allows them to keep producing all the wonderful marketing and clothing below! I do find that some of the models really do look similar to the Obama girls. . . Sasha???

I am so in love. I get the e-mail blasts from jcrew's crewcuts (kids collection) but they have finally produced a catalog. I love the styling, props, kids, clothes, page layouts, illustrations. I can't get enough. Take a good look. . .

I love this airial shot with the chalk circles and the hola hoops and then the fun dressy messy pile of shoes!

She has the same brilliant smile as Sasha, I love her styling and the abstract pile of sweaters to the left.

Bubbles in the driveway. . . so like my life but much more elegant. I like the giraffe head peeking out in the shot on the right and the girl's expression with her arm deckled in accessories.

lovely yellow balloons!

Gorgeous little boy and I will definately hunt down those giant wooden dominoes!

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