Saturday, May 2, 2009

my natural

These long-legged lovelies are a new adorable NATURAL plush toy collection by
Hosung Company.

The My Natural line is certified non-toxic, made with all-natural materials and dyes. They are available now at Target (although I didn’t see them on the website; check out your local store!).

The colors on the toys are achieved using unbleached cotton treated by Pure Water Wash and hand dyed in soy water. I love these cute Teeny Tots; my son (6 months old) is so in love with his little owl. He holds it by one wing and swings it around.


The makers of miYim Organic Toys brings you the new My Natural Bamboo Collection. This classic 9” character is not only silky-soft to the touch, but the bamboo fabric itself has many amazing properties. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials in the world and absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than any other plant on earth. It’s naturally antibacterial and reduces allergy levels, and because of the all-natural PureWaterWash™ coloring process, this lovable toy is safe for your little ones to chew on. For All Ages.

miYim packaging
From start to finish - miYim is committed to safeguarding the environment by acting in a socially responsible manner. Each miYim collectible is housed in a handmade box crafted from recycled materials. Packaging with a purpose! The miYim gift box is meant to be reused. Make the most of your miYim purchase and use it to store anything from photos to recipes.

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