Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bachman's nursery shakes it up

So Bachman's launched this clever and fun marketing/branding campaign earlier this spring called "spread the beautiful". I thought it was a fresh take on garden centers. I loved the little tv spot, oh so much better than Lynder's or Gertens. I will try to dig up some more info. . .

Update August 2009: "Spread the beautiful" was developed by Nemer Fieger

Bachman's also opened a new store called "wink" a few years ago. See, I never have the time to go shopping at Garden centers, but after seeing some of the photos I might make some time.

I looked and looked and looked some more, till I finally found out who did the rebranding on Bachman's. It was "Black Design". Obviously Black Design, could do a bit more to promote themselves online. This work is good, take some credit. Oh and would you please tell someone at Bachman's to post the new tv spot on youtube? It would have been so much easier to find.
And to anyone out there that knows Tina Wilcox or Black Design Group. . . do they have a website? I can't seem to locate it. odd.


  1. Kraftykym,

    Thanks for the nice thoughts on the "Spread the Beautiful" campaign. It was developed by Nemer Fieger, St. Louis Park, with kudos to John Vipond, writer and Kelly Smith, art director for yeoperson's work. Tom Whelan, NF

  2. Also Rule 62, Geoff George on camera and Martin Johnson, producer!

  3. You should post the tv spot to youtube so I can add it to my blog. It was a very nice campaign that made Bachman's seem homegrown and not BIG box Lowe's and Home Depot. Good stuff.