Friday, July 24, 2009

dancing in the aisles

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This is probably the best PR Chris Brown could ask for. . . a cute wedding party dancing down the aisle to his song "Forever".

I actually wanted to do something like this 10 years ago for our ceremony, but it was in Iowa and I know they would still be talking about it if I had. . . "What is this Tom Foolery? Didn't anyone tell them that this is wrong? Who's came up with this crazy shenanigan of a wedding entrance? I can't believe the pastor approved this kind of show" (You get the idea of what was going through my head ten years ago).

The video of Jill and Kevin's wedding is worth a gander. And the best part, they are from St Paul, Minnesota. The whole five minutes makes me smile and my arms have goosebumps.

Yesterday (Thursday) there were only 20,000 hits on this video. This morning (Friday) there were 1.4 million and tonight (Friday) there are now 2.2 million. Amazing. I heart youtube. How else would all of us get to enjoy such a wonderful snippet of joy?

My advice on weddings. . . do what you want. It's your day to shine.

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  1. I saw it on Facebook today and cried my eyes out! It was so Awesome!! Can you imagine how much fun the reception was. And talk about a great group of friends...