Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kurt halsey

I went to school with Kurt at MCAD. . . I always loved the raw emotion in his sweetly styled paintings. He has a new collection featured on {artstarphilly.com} . . . I love the pennies!!!! I have a few of his prints and paintings on my giant wall of inspiration in my home office. A few years ago he sold a few series of paintings at Urban Outfitters.

From Kurt:
I have drawn since the moment I could hold a pencil. I always wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist. My drawings and paintings are little moments and simple thoughts… and I am not sure it needs to mean anything more than that. They are perhaps just specks of a subtle existence, and as easily ignored as Garfield. I cherish and am consumed by the companionship and magic of animals. I do not eat them or their by-products, wear their skin, or support companies that torture them for science.

I dream every night of sailing on the Steve Irwin with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


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