Tuesday, September 4, 2012

butterfly cakes


Stella, my nine year old received a little silicone butterfly kit for her birthday (ah, way back in May...). We finally made the cute little kit. I thought it would be nice way to end the summer. School starts tomorrow. She will be a 4th grader!

I finally completed her iphoto book tonight, for her third grade year. In the last year she has changed so much. She doesn't have that sweet baby face anymore. She is looking more and more like a soon-to-be-grown-up-gal. She loves to watch Project Runway with total seriousness she'll proclaim, "Well, they tried their best but that is not working". The other night while shopping (just the two of us, which NEVER happens) she remarked, "Sometimes you can totally trick boys, because they are kinda dumb". I know, at the age of nine I did not have that much wisdom. I cannot wait to see what she will do with her life.

Tonight, a friend of mine posted on facebook, that tomorrow is the last "first day of school" for her oldest (going into her senior year). Ouch, a bit of heartbreak there but happiness in the same. I am so excited for this year to start. The kids are seriously going batty at home. I can't wait to see their little art projects, hear who is chasing who at recess and see who they start to become.

Look at this cute note that the teacher sent home on back to school night.

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