Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hip hip hooray : art gallery party

Seriously this is my favorite party find, ever! I love it... read on.

The talented Brittany from One Charming Party sent this party over and we of course had to share. There are so many great, doable details that we’re posting half of the party today and the rest tomorrow!

This party was for a 9 year old girl and was held rented a space that looked art gallery-ish. The color scheme was the rainbow spectrum.

For decorations they used old frames from the thrift store that they spray painted and later used to display their paintings. They used art books, the floral arrangement (more on that tomorrow), a rainbow cake, and all of their artwork that they made during the party.
There was a photo-op with a great oversized, spray painted frame as well.

For party activities Brittany had 5 stations: 1. they filled out an artist profile about themselves and drew a self portrait (these were later hung on the wall for the parents to see at the gallery showing), 2. they painted their own interpretation of the floral arrangement with water colors, 3. they sculpted birds from cornstarch playdough, 4. they made a shaving cream art project, and 5. they got their faces painted. So fun!

{} This is a rocking art party. OMG I love it. Every detail is dead-on. Slammin!

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