Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Walmart Commercials 2011


The latest Walmart TV spots are pretty funny. I especially love the one with the two girls with anti-aging cream and spatulas. However, I feel like these spots feel to close to the Target spots. No matter how wonderful the ads are, the store experience leaves the shopper with much to be desired. Keep reaching... it's good to grow. article from April 16th 2011 According to this article the spots were done by Martin Agency (whom landed the Walmart account back in 2007).

"The campaign is an acknowledgement that Wal-Mart traffic is still weak, Wall Street Strategies analyst Brian Sozzi said.

"I am concerned that Wal-Mart is taking to the airwaves at the same time it acknowledges it's not where it needs to be with product restoration, therefore risking customer disappointment yet again," he said.

Moreover, he said stores are looking disheveled because new merchandise is coming in faster than Wal-Mart can display and sell it.

Wal-Mart said it is adding 8,500 items to its inventory, 11 percent more in an average store. In some categories, the selection will be more than before the inventory slashing, McNaughton said."

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