Monday, June 27, 2011

Make Summer Funner : beach balls

I cannot understand how this remains and Target had to take theirs down?
I thought this was brilliant for Target's "Make Summer Funner". They covered the usual red cement balls with fabric that looked like a beach ball. It was zippered over the existing cement ball. Of course, a few people (I heard adults) attempted to kick the cement ball thinking it was a beach ball and injured themselves. So Target removed the witty fun beach balls.

What gets me is that the balls are perfectly spaced on the sidewalk... and don't move, so I cannot understand why someone would think that the beach ball was a real beach ball. If I happened to be so foolish as to kick the ball, I would not tell anyone. I would walk away, feeling like a bit of an idiot. I love fun ideas and I was sad to see this one go away so soon.

On facebook there were quite a few comments about this beach ball ordeal. My favorite one is about the bacon... read on.


The monster-sized beach balls sat in front of every Target store, an open invitation to every kid who approached.

Just as long as they didn't try to bounce or kick them.

Underneath the colorful fabric: concrete. Ouch.

Across the country, Target dressed up existing red balls at store entrances to make them look like beach balls, part of the retailer's "Make Summer Funner" campaign that began May 22.

But two weeks after wrapping the bollards, whose main purpose is traffic control, Target removed the covers over the past few days.

"We did hear some concerns from guests, so we removed the beach ball covers from the bollards just to avoid any sort of incidents," said Jessica Carlson, a spokeswoman for the Minneapolis-based retailer.

Carlson said she couldn't share "any specific information about incidents" but added that "we really care about the safety of our guests and our team members,'' so the covers have gone.

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