Sunday, July 3, 2011

make something or be forgotten : levis

I am cleaning my home office. I just took down everything from my collage board. This Levi's ad is my favorite.

We are getting ready to move again. I am attempting to dump about half the stuff in my office. I hate moving so much that after every move I write myself a letter. The read the "previous move letter" before I decide to move again, to remind myself of how hard it is to move (especially with three kids).

Our oldest is only eight years old and this will be her sixth home that she has lived in. No, I don't work for the Army... Our life has just taken us in many directions the last few years. Fingers and toes crossed, I swear this will be our last move. I will be about 5 miles to work and 8 miles to their school. Instead of 26+ miles. No more 2 hour winter commutes in Minnesota. That alone should be enough motivation to move.... right?

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