Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sear Appliances : The Beach


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"When running a campaign for a 125-year-old brand like Sears I have to be aware that some consumers can convince themselves that they know you. Meaning even if a person hasn’t shopped a Sears store or website in years they believe they know the brand because they have grown up with it, shopped it with their parents as a child, etc. With that in mind the tone of this campaign is “Surprise” to remind customers that Sears has a beautiful leading appliance line-up and innovation that can’t be found elsewhere. We wanted to pay off the new Sears tagline “This is Sears” with the idea of “this is surprising” tonality. The creative approach is definitely a surprise as most viewers believe they are watching an apparel or perfume commercial until the moment of truth occurs." - Eddie Combs CMO for Sears

The song playing throughout the 30-second spot is Chappo’s ‘Come Home,’ a tune from their EP ‘Plastique Universe’ and full-length album ‘Moonwater.’ 

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