Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bully in a Box - Anti-Bullying ibook series

 {video by KNOCK INC}

Knock INC and their sister company, treat and company collaborated with Michelle and Cheryl Tunno to create this ibook series. The three books engage kids and parents in a conversation about bullying. I shared this series with my 8 and 10 year old kids. They have navigated a few versions of bullying behavior at school. They don't always have the right words to describe their feelings and what they should do. These books create the opportunity for a light-hearted conversation on a heavy matter.

Katerina's gained a little weight over the summer. On the first day back to school, Jake decides to point this fact out, and not exactly in a nice way. 
When you tap some of the type and images (like the dog or the type "I think Hedgehogs are Cool") sound affects or a voice-over is activated. My kids really enjoyed that and it helped to keep the book fun and conversational. 
This book was especially good for my 8 year old son. He has been directly dealing with this exact type of bullying. The book talks through Victor's reluctance in telling the teacher about Peter Pummeler's tendency to hit/punch. It's easy to pinpoint when bullying is happening but not so easy to be brave enough to tell the teacher. 
The illustration style is stellar. Both of my kids LOVED the books. Cool illustrations mixed with activated sound and expressive type and they were sold!
Stevie smells like–well, you know, that word that rhymes with "soup"–but maybe he can't help it. Sarah wishes her friend Melissa would quit teasing Stevie. 

 At the end of each story, a voice-over asks the kids to think of ways to work through bullying and "starting conversations that end bullying". We discussed many ways to help Stinky Stevie, some were quite silly but in the end my kids had a better understanding of compassion and bravery. 

Start your own conversation with kids or a classroom of students. You can purchase the ibook series here for $1.99 each. A portion of the proceeds will go to, which supports anti-bullying campaigns. 

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