Wednesday, August 28, 2013

in a world

I recently saw "In a world" at the theater. It was a great movie. I hate saying that, ever... because then people might expect too much and might not love the movie as much as they should. But if you have a chance to see this, you should. Just go see it.

It was written and directed by Lake Bell. She also stars in the movie as well. She is my new girl crush (and she is younger than me and already made a whole movie-agh). The movie had the witty banter of "Juno" but hit on a new realm of family drama, love tangles, adult women that talk like sexy babies and career moves. So many quirky characters to love and laugh at.

This movie was the first time in a long while that I literally laughed out loud at the theater. (Other than the super cheesy part in the first twilight movie when Edward "glitters").  or more info on

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