Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Moustache Crayons

DIY Moustache Crayons! At our house, we have lots of random crayons. We gathered up some of them for this project. Don't forget the ones that you get from the restaurants and the broken bits at the bottom of the craft boxes. 

Step 1: Run an Exacto knife vertically down the paper label and peel off the papers (best if an adult does this step).

Step 2: Set up a double boiler. I just use a smaller pot sitting inside of a larger pot filled with boiling water. Slowly melt the crayons. I melt all the same color, for example... all yellow (see below).

Step 3: Once the crayons are all melted, pour into your desired chocolate candy mold.

Step 4: Chill a little bit on the counter, about 5 minutes. They place in the refrigerator till they are set, about 30 minutes. Or the freezer, for 5 minutes. I found that the crayons are shinier if you place them in the fridge/freezer, rather than leave them on the counter.

Step 5: Pop them out of the molds.

Don't know where to buy chocolate molds?  Joann FabricsMichaelsACMooreMake'nMoldWiltonSugarCraftBakeItPretty If you would like to see my star Crayons Post, click here.

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