Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer time fun : cake pop stand

The other day, I was attempting to have a conversation with my husband. I said "profit" during our discussion. All the kids said "What's profit? What does that mean?" So this weekend, we ran a cake pop stand to discuss and learn matters such as cost, profit, supply, demand, salesmanship, teamwork and hard work.

Before the cake pop stand opened, a kind gentleman gave my son $2 for his efforts. We didn't have the cake pops out yet. So sweet, perfect little motivation to get the day going. I love that. Turns out our youngest is a fabulous "waver" but also a great inventor of excuses (reasons) why he needs yet another break. My oldest was a hard worker, keeping a constant look out for potential clients. "We are running a business. Pay attention. Wave!"

Our products were Vanilla and Chocolate cake pops! The chocolate turned out to be the street traffic favorite. We had lots of truckers today due to construction work down the street. The kids jumped when they pulled the big horns. Even after subtracting our costs we had a very profitable four-hour shift. They celebrated with a romp in the sprinklers.

Of course, all that time in the driveway lead to another chalk drawing. Luck would have it, friends stopped by for a quick photo shoot! Summer time fun. . . cake pops, profits, sprinklers and friends!

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