Friday, September 26, 2014

Salted Carmel Chocolate Cakepops

I finally did it! Salted Carmel Chocolate Cakepops. I have been meaning to create these for months. They were great. Super easy. I melted 3/4 cup of carmels (the wrapped ones that you can purchase in the baking aisle) mixed with 3-5 TBS of cream. Once the mixture is smooth, drizzle it over the cakepops. Then sprinkle on some sea salt. Next time, I will be sure to have coarse sea salt on hand.

My youngest loves to add sea salt to his chocolate pudding, so we are running low at our home. Stinker! But he is on to something. Try it, sea salt on chocolate pudding is the bomb. Even the lame Hunt's pudding cups get a bit a jazz with sea salt.

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