Monday, September 22, 2014

show me don't tell me

Once again, it's "show me don't tell me" time. This time it's a big reveal (in my mind). A photo of me, sans makeup and no wrangling of my insane hair. My son is really getting into his hair. He gets so upset that he can't tame it, sadly that comes from my side. But crazy hair, is better than no hair. We'll take it.
The two images above show my Grandmother, Marvel. Her ethnicity was half Irish and half Chinese. She never learned how to drive a car, comfortable to rely on the care of others. She was quiet, allowing her few moments of bold thoughts to be hard hitting. When she was in her 80's, she was still living downtown Minneapolis in a condo. I was riding the elevator to visit her, two elderly gentlemen were also in the elevator. They saw that I pushed floor 12. That number sparked their thoughts.
Gentleman #1"Oh, say remember that Marvel? She was a looker back in the day"
Gentleman #2 "What do you mean back in the day, she's still a looker!"
 My Chinese ancestors came to the United States back in the 1870s. They settle mainly in Yakima, Washington. This was their laundry.

No, I was not grumpy about dance or the fancy trophy. I was bumming at the number of photos that were being taken. I do love this photo though. A nice contrast to fluffy tutus and huge grins.
The fancy sir with his fine canine is my Great Grandfather, Bing Hum. He spoke several languages and ran a hotel in Wilmar, MN in the early 1900s.
My Grandparents married at the Little Brown Church in Iowa. Only two people witnessed the service. When they returned to work after the marriage, their co-workers were very upset to have missed the wedding. So they made their own mock wedding, with newspaper dresses. 
It all started from here

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