Monday, October 20, 2014

show me, don't tell me

Shrine Circus anyone? My Grandfather was a Shriner. I remember him wearing that fun hat but cannot recall him driving those tiny Shriner cars. Every year we would go to the Shrine Circus with my Grandma wearing her fancy fur. Look how adorable she is!
This is a Shakespeare quote which rings true for eternity. We each have expectations for ourselves and others. Often we are unable to measure up to those expectations. Some days that is no big deal others days it leads to total heartbreak. The photo above is my mom in the middle with my sister and I to the sides. That mother daughter dynamic is especially brutal at times.

I am just starting my own tween daughter/mother journey. Most of the time, I find her utterly delightful (especially when we are watching Project Runway together). She is also the BOMB at helping me select shoes or boots for my outfits. Of course, there are moments when we both crash and burn on the expectation element. Live and learn.
Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve. In this moment, I was hoping that my Grandpa would toss me the keys to the boat. Yeah right, I was four at the time. He did let me drive, but only steering at very low speeds.

I found this photo of my sister and I laying around in lawn chairs. What I find so delightful is that my sister is wearing her footie pajamas outside. Sometimes it is wonderful to just let things go and see what happens. No agenda or schedule.
This is a photo of my Mother at her Romantic Reverie Prom (Robbinsdale High school) from the 1960s. She made this dress and I still have it. The plan is to have my daughter take a photo in that same dress.

So, it's time to fess up. The other day I stumbled over something that happened years ago. I got emotionally caught up with something that happened back in 1995. Silliness. A photo popped up in my Facebook feed of an ex-boyfriend tagged by a girl he used to date. I got tripped up when I realized that most likely he was dating her, when he was dating me. What a dog. But that is why he is an ex. I knew he was a dog and walked. (BTW, if that "dog" happens to read this... karma will find you).

My Grandma was always making food, hosting gatherings, cutting a snickers bar into 16 pieces so all of us could share. She was somebody who always made everyone feel like someone. She did this effortlessly and constantly. I often wonder when she found the energy to charge herself back up. She drank coffee but I drink three times as much as she did. I still want naps, daily.

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