Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chinese Bakery : Keefer Court

I have been going to Keefer Court Chinese Bakery for what seems like, my whole life (I just checked online. They officially opened in 1983). Now I take my kids there too. This last weekend we stopped by the bakery after the morning swim meet only to find some awesome new graffiti artists at work. I naturally had countless questions. They have been working on the wall for three weeks and plan for one more week of work till completion. I love it. The building feels more like an official landmark with this new dragon on the corner!
Amazing, they are not smacking each other, their eyes are open and one of them is smiling. Of course it's the one that really wants a few coconut buns, immediately. He knows the quicker he takes a good photo, the sooner he can eat that coconut bun. Get in my belly, coconut bun. NOW.

The Coconut Custard bun is my all time favorite. When I was little, I called them coconut footballs. There is a white stripe of coconut on each end, which makes it look just like a football. I also love the egg tarts, sticky rice balls, sesame balls and coconut tarts.

Keefer court also makes amazing cakes with fresh fruit on them. Don't make the mistake of going there on Tuesdays because they are closed. I wish liquor stores were closed on Tuesdays and opened all weekend. Keefer Court knows what they are doing.

Oh one more thing, no credit cards. Cash or check only. They have an ATM machine in the building too.


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