Monday, November 3, 2014

show me, don't tell me

If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave. Plain and simple.
All of the what ifs and should haves will eat your brains. Witches and brains make for a good Halloween theme of advice.
Surround yourself with others who make you hungry for life and touch your heart and nourish your soul. My mom is in the middle, so adorable. I love the capture of my Grandma Marvel laughing. This photo is a good reminder to surround yourself with others who bring out the best in you.
My Grandpa Stanley loved photography. He was always testing new ideas, thus the double exposure above. Look at my wild hair with those knobby pony tail holders. My mom has stick straight Asian hair. She had and has no idea how to wrangle curly hair. 

I should have known that I was a designer in First Grade. I used to admire how lovely that couch paired with Chinese scroll painting on the wall. The mix of patterns and colors were perfect-o. And the texture of the wallpaper was divine. It's easy to look back and see everything clearly. But as the quote states "I have never dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul". Progress is a back and fourth between ignorance and discovery.

Well hello there, this is kindergartner Kym with her BFF Ben. He lived across the street with his two brothers. That trio drove their poor mother insane. Once I woke up to Ben and his brothers running through the front yard sprinklers in only their birthday suits. His mother was screaming up a storm. I bet she is happy that Instagram and Facebook didn't exist back then.

Ben also managed to pack a rock into a snowball and chuck it at my forehead. That is why I have bangs in this photo. My mom cut me bangs after that incident because the gash looked so terrible. Thanks Ben, that's awesome. We moved away not long after this photo. I always wonder what happened to Ben, his brothers and his worn-down mother.

Ben if you find this, we lived in Brooklyn Park in the early 1980s and went to Winnetka Elementary. I would love to hear from you. BTW I have bangs again, but this time it's not because of a snow-rock-ball.

The wise looking woman in the middle is my Great-Great Grandmother Jun Lee and the lady to the right is my Great Grandmother Stella. The woman to the left is my Great Grandmother's sister, Rita. Stella only lived to be 55 but Rita lived till she was 92. I love that I have photos like this. Amazing! I wish I could have had the chance to interview all of these ladies. Imagine the stories they would have to share.
Within this trio of boys is my Grandfather Stanley (the tallest one) and his brothers Andy and Alan with their mother Stella. My Grandfather Stanley was the second oldest of five boys, born on Valentine's Day 1912. He was "given" to his mother's sister's family because they had no boys. The two families lived in the same duplex, in Yakima, WA. They had a tough life living through the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Stella's oldest son, Albert died at the age of 12 and her youngest son, Lester died at the age of 9 months. 

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