Sunday, November 23, 2014

Handpainted Globes

Yes! Score! I have been scouring thrift stores for over a year, looking for a globe. I do look for other things and generally enjoy digging in thrift stores. I did buy another awesome globe a year ago via Craigslist. That globe was even sweeter. It had a stand too. I painted that one already, soft pink and black. I promise to wrap up the gold lettering before the new year.

I found the globe at the Hopkins, Goodwill on my way home from a photoshoot at BlueOx. Look at their adorable salt and pepper shakers. 

Over a year ago, I was inspired by 1canoe2 and their lovely painted globes.  Back in 2013 the only way to get your mitts on these pretty ladies was to win an auction. But now in 2014, you can purchase one through anthropologie! Right now, they are not yet available in the United States. But I hear they are coming soon.

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