Friday, December 19, 2014

Golden Animal Jars

Oh yes, beautiful golden jars. Home-made up-cycled goodness. Want to know how to make them? You will need: plastic animals (Michaels and Target have good assortment), E6000 Glue (it's a must-have), gray spray paint, gold spray paint and jars with lids.

Here is the set up after I glued that animals and dinosaurs down with the E6000 glue. I let them sit for the recommended 24 hours. The glue is super stinky and not good for you. So use it in a well ventilated area. I would not allow kids to work with it. 

After the animals are dry, prop up the lids on paper cups or empty yogurt containers. I spray paint outdoors. It is more ideal to be around be a bit warm outside with mild humidity. Spray a coat of gray to cover up the graphics and create a good base for the gold paint. Yes, this seems like extra work. It is worth the effort.

The finished product. Be sure that you apply light coats of spray paint. It is always better to add another layer of paint after the first layer has cured. Patience...
Oh look at this, my youngest took a bunch of my dinosaurs. I was digging around the house trying to find them for MY project.
I also sell tie shirts, floral shirts, up-cycled crayons and barrettes. A friend of mine has an annual craft sale at her home. It is a wonderful gathering of crafty women, wild offspring, tolerant cats and delicious treats. A good gathering for the soul. Love it.

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