Saturday, February 7, 2015

BOOM, and 10 it is

My middle kiddo is officially 10 years old. He is nearly 5' 2" and wears the same size shoe as me (woman's size 10). This year we had a sleepover at the WaterPark of America. They have an awesome little set up. One hotel room has a bigger room and then a smaller little alcove with two sets of bunk beds. The boys romped around the Waterpark till around 9pm, then back to the room for pizza and a movie (Earth to Echo). They went to bed like fine gentlemen. Usually the girl sleepovers are filled with squealing, slamming doors, giggling, wrestling, fart noises, snorts and more. The boys were perfect, so easy! In the morning, hotel guests get access to the water park at 9am. So the boys were up by 7am ready to go.

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