Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines : tiny bakery erasers

When I was a kid, my favorite holiday at elementary school was Valentine's day. I loved decorating my Grandmother's Hush Puppy Shoe box from the Dayton's store. My Grandmother always thoughtfully pulled aside paper doilies, vintage cards and wrapping paper for my sister and I.

The day of the celebration at school was sugar filled with that crazy kid orange drink and frosted cupcakes. Back then, no one in my class was Gluten Free, allergic to Red Dye 4 or Peanuts/Treenuts. School is different now. Kids cannot bring food treats to school (too many allergies). I make sure to create something adorable to ensure Valentine's Day is still magical.

This year, we found these adorable tiny bakery erasers at Target. They were only $1.50 for six. To spice them up, I constructed a tiny box for each one. I found heavy weight paper at Michael's Arts and Crafts and 3M washi tape at Target. I layered in some cut up tissue paper for a pop of color. Then tossed in a funny paper fortune "You will be hungry in one hour. Lucky Numbers: 02, 14, 20, 15". I had the kids sign their names on the back of the paper fortune.


Of course, we only had to make 48! The boys did help cut out the boxes. The six year old had better fine motor skills. 

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