Saturday, May 16, 2015

Peter Pan

For most of the 1980's my Grandparents had Season tickets to the Minneapolis Children's Theater Company. I loved getting dressed all fancy, driving downtown and walking up the stairs across the red carpet to see a show. The hours I spent absorbing those amazing shows most definitely set me on my path as a designer and creative soul. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, which is next door to the Children's Theater Company. Amazingly, our graduation ceremony took place on the Children's Theater Stage! The same stage that set my creativity on fire marked my journey into my design career. Now, I take my own kids to plays. I love to see how they react and what they love. I am inspired again and grateful that this tradition continues.

The images above show the cool bus stop marketing for Peter Pan. Obviously, we could not get a shot of both the boys "flying". They were too busy chasing each other in most of the shots. We are going to see Peter Pan soon. My middle son's classmate is one of the Lost Boys. How cool is that a fourth grader!

They have a great $10 ticket program if you are not ready for a season ticket membership. Just get on over there!


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