Friday, September 25, 2009

doodle bread

From Doodle Bread:

Dooble Bread is a cool ‘make your own bread that doesn’t look like anyone else’s in the world, ever’ kit. It makes bread with shapes running through every slice. The colour from Doodle Bread mixes come from powdered vegetables, seeds and grains.

We've worked hard to make sure that everything that goes into Doodle Bread is simple, safe and healthy.

The Doodle Bread Kit comes with a high quality silicon baking tin and a durable squisher and doodle to be used again and again and again with as many different bread recipes as you can think of.

Who made it:

Rose Kane is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Whilst studying at Art Collage in London, Rose discovered a new way to bake (what is now known as) Doodle Bread by messing about with dough in the kitchen one day instead of going to tutorials.a



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