Monday, July 8, 2013

GF cakepops

In my circle of friends and family, we have people who cannot eat Peanuts/Tree Nuts, three that cannot eat whole eggs (like in Mayo or some fancy ice-creams), a few that are Gluten Free and two that are Red Dye Free.

Crafting up treats for the 4th of July, quickly becomes difficult. I started with the the Gluten Free Cake mix from Betty Crocker (it was also Red Dye free too- perfect). I found it at my local Target! Target also has Cream Cheese Frosting in their Market Pantry label that is Red Dye free. I stopped by Michael's to pick up blue Wilton Candy Wafers. I made sure that the sprinkles were Red dye free as well.

All this work and I found out the host of the party is allergic to Blue dye! Agh! Tricky bunch. I know now, at any food gathering to never offer kids food without checking with the parent. And all the food should have a little label to let guest know what they can and cannot eat. Safety first, even with treats!

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