Monday, April 6, 2015

Pom Pom Berries

So cute, little pom pom berries. I have so many ideas. This is just the beginning. At first I made my own fork version of a pom pom maker, then I tried using my hands, then we just bought the Clover pom pom makers at Michaels. Of course, we bought them one at a time and used our 40% coupon! Forget what people say, just go buy the Clover Pom Pom makers. It's way easier for the kids and is worth the investment. We bought four different Pom Pom Makers for a total of $8.40.

Over the summer, my Dad found a giant bag full of yarn from my junior high crafting days. I took the yarn beast home knowing that I would find something to do with it. Then, it was Spring Break for my kids without fun traveling plans… I knew it was time to tame the yarn beast.

I found this awesome strawberry pom pom tutorial on

The first one we did, is the pink berry. The second one is the red berry. The third one is not currently pictured. My daughter didn't use enough yarn and it's a berry hot mess.

We have lots of ideas now, and want to try a lemon or orange! Even my six year old is loving this pom pom business! Be sure you have sharp scissors to snip the yarn.

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